3 Signs That You Are Ready to Breed Your Mare

Have you sat down recently and had a long hard think about your new and upcoming horse-breeding business, and whether or not it is worth it to begin breeding the equines, as opposed to running a different sort of equestrian business? Have you been debating with yourself, trying to decide whether or not it is a right decision for you to begin the process which ultimately ends in you breeding your beloved mare?

Do not worry. A lot of other breeders, whether or not they are already successful, profitable, and established breeders, have either encountered this problem and resolved it already or are going to meet it soon. You are not alone, and you should never forget that. Breeding a horse, especially a stallion or other form of a thoroughbred horse, is a huge and sometimes unattainable decision that we must all make when we are in the equine ‘business.’

1. The ‘Due Process’
Before you begin to breed your mare, you need to have a significant amount of capital saved up and ready to go. It is important not to use all of your spending money and savings as well as your 401k when it comes to business, and especially the equestrian business. Breeding horses is a sometimes unsustainable, at times profitable and most often extremely volatile business. It is somewhat comparable to a ‘stock in the sense that you can hit a home run ‘over the green monster’ or seriously dig yourself into a hole that you will never be able to get yourself out of.

A lot of veterinary issues will arise with the mare, the foal, and the female. If you are caught off guard with these insane medical expenses, which you undoubtedly will be if you decide to become a horse breed, then you need to have some form of a ‘financial parachute’ that you can and will be able to deploy at any time.

2. You Have People Or Hired Employees To Help You
This tip is important. You can not and will never be able to do it all yourself; maintaining your facility, and the horses themselves, is a lot of work. You will undoubtedly fail if you attempt to do it all on your own. You will need to have the help of family, friends, or better yet, employees.

When you do decide to breed a mare for the first time, it is good to have a skilled set of veterinarians and friends to help you. You will need to procure for yourself a qualified vet, and also have a trainer as well as a friend or two who has a lot of experience in breeding, so that they may assist you along in the process.

3. Make Sure You Do Your Research
You will undoubtedly need to shove your nose in some books (unless you fancy Google for those kinds of things, that is) if you are planning on breeding a mare or a stallion of some sort. Not only is a full understanding of what foaling and breeding are required, but also you will need to know what kind of foal to raise, how to raise it, and when to do it.

4. Final Thoughts
It is a challenging path to delve down into, breeding horses is. Unless you have passion, time, friends and family, coworkers and employees, a large sum of capital (money, that is to say) and a lot of drive, then you will end up failing. Not only this, but you will find yourself in a depressing hole with tens, nay hundreds, of thousands of dollars wasted away, due to your lack of knowledge and your unwillingness to fix the issues that will undoubtedly arrive.