Essential Equipment For a Small Horse Ranch?

If you have the space for it and are inclined to own horses, then you have for sure asked yourself this question: what is the essential equipment for a small horse ranch? Before you even get a horse, you will have undoubtedly thought of the things you will need to care for that horse. For ranchers, most of the things you would need to start and successfully care for a horse is already available on the farm. Things like pitchforks, shovels, and wheelbarrows that are typically used to clean after the horse/s are just the same as the ones you would normally use on a day to day basis on the farm.

Speciality items
There are, however, some specialty items that you will need to pick up. These may include things like the tack for driving or riding your horse, the brushes you use and so on. Some items like water troughs or feeding buckets can be repurposed from old barrels or buckets around the farm. It is important to note that, if you do decide to repurpose these items instead of buying new ones, ensure that they aren’t items that had toxic materials in them and that they are cleaned thoroughly before allowing your horses to use them. Also, make sure that they do not have any sharp ages.

What not to buy first
There are some things that you might want to buy first because of excitement. There are things like saddles, bits, and bridles. It is advisable that you do not give into that excitement and wait to buy these things after you have brought your horse home. Doing this gives you a chance to custom make them to specifically fit your horse. Be sure you do your research and compare the prices you find with those on amazon – they have many items for cheap. That being said, here is a list of the essential equipment for a small horse ranch.

  • Feed tub – Large buckets or water trough
  • Water heater – You could also buy heated buckets if you live in a location where freezing temperatures occur.
  • Barn and Pasture Maintenance: Pitchfork, Manure Fork, Wheelbarrow, Stable broom,  Premise spray for insects
  • Handling and Grooming: Breakaway Halters, Curry Comb, Hoof Pick,  Body Brush,  Lead ropes, Mane Comb, Cloth (your typical washcloth is fine), Fly repellent

Of course, you will need the barn and space where you can store their food as well as let your horses run free. The best thing about this sort of thing is that these necessary preparations give you a good sense of what you will need. You can get everything else as the demands arise. You do, however, need the number to a good veterinarian who can give your horses a clean bill of health every so often or be called out in times of emergency.