How much Money Can You Make Training Horses

Okay, let me start off this article by saying this; Yes. It is possible to breed horses, and thus make money from them. It is possible to earn yourself a little bit of profit, and thus pay for your facilities and employees, by breeding your average friendly equestrian.

Now, I am not necessarily telling you that it is possible to make a full year-round income off of it. As it is, this is never usually the case with local small-town breeders. This also goes if you have a family; you will not be able to provide for a family with this kind of job. You should not even be wasting time hoping nor thinking about it, because in no way will it ever come to fruition.

Hopefully, that was not too discouraging for you. If you’ve managed to read this far into the article without rage-quitting and deciding against your whole, ‘I’m going to become a house breeder!’ narrative, then you deserve what I’m about to tell you; a good supply of cold hard tips on how to make money breeding horses.

1. Breed Only The Best
This is imperative to the success of you and your horse-rearing business. Your primary goal should be to ‘generate’ a teeny horse, a foal, that is rarer and more unique than its two parents are combined. Now, you will most likely not have the dough to drop $20k to $50k right then and there, but you can certainly just as well start small and breed upwards from there, with each generation becoming more and more pure and attuned than the previous.

2. Supply Your Own Facilities, Employees, And Grounds
These facilities and management-headquarters will need to include things like paddocks, shelters, employee housing, the ranch, surrounding farmland, a barn, and good fencing. Many other things are also required, although this is just a few of the bare essentials that you will need.

An important and economically-sufficient pasture, mainly for grazing, as well as a barn are more ‘premium’ but certainly appreciated and beneficial items. They add significantly to aid the positive emotions emitted by your equestrians and tend to increase the standards of said property.

3. Make Your Foals Stand Out From The Rest
Having your foals stand out from all of the other usual and sometimes prominent ‘baby’ horses of the same standard is imperative. It is the only connection between a customer coming to you and buying your horse, versus tying you down and buying someone else’s foal!

When breeding, please be sure to do this one thing; you, under every circumstance, must pick the purest and cleanest bloodlines. This one thing includes all kinds of certificates of birth, vaccinations, and all of the usual accouterments that come with breeding a horse.

If you are nitpicking about the bloodline of your new horse, which you should be, then keep an eye out on the market. Look for what breeds, types, subraces, and bloodlines the buyers are going for.

It may even be in your best interests to keep an eye out on some older stallions and to place an order on some of their seed. This tactic means that that particular bloodline, being pure and clean, can live on and can successfully be ‘copied’ more than once with other high-grade or ‘premium’ bloodlines to create one elite equestrian.

Interesting video on catching, and training horses. Check it out!